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We are a non profit organization that provides chiropractic care for people in Uganda who can’t afford healthcare. Our chiropractic project was established in 2019 by Dutch chiropractor Prisca Rompen, who still leads the project today. We help the Ugandan people who are in need of chiropractic treatment. 

The people can come to the clinic to get the chiropractic treatment that they need. We visit villages to reach out to the people who can’t come into the clinic, where we also provide health education, to teach people how to take good care of themselves. Our mission is to spread the word about natural and holistic health to empower people to make well informed decisions regarding their health. With the chiropractic treatment we support them to improve their health from the inside out. Our main focus is pregnant women, babies and young children to give them the best start of life to maintain good health and resilience.

Partly thanks to our efforts, chiropractic has been recognized and regulated as a profession by the Allied Health Professionals Counsel since 2020. This was a great leap forward for the profession. This is mostly contributed to the collaboration of three chiropractors who founded the Chiropractic Association of Uganda (CAU) in 2018.

Unfortunately it is still necessary to ask you to make a donation so that we can help even more people. Your donations will go fully towards the running costs of the projects to make to most impact. Help us to help people!

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* All funds raised are used towards the costs of running the projects. None of the board members receive financial compensation in form of salaries for the work they do. The chiropractic projects are financially supported donations and by small financial contributions to treatments in country. If you make a donation and you would like it to be used towards a specific part of the projects, please contact us so we can make sure your contribution is used for that purpose. We love to stay in touch with supporters so please reach out.

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