Our Team

Our Board Members

The board members of the organization serving and offering their work from the kindness of their hearts without financial compensation in form of salaries. We appreciate the effort that everyone puts in to support and care for more people in need.

Anne Cremers

My name is Anne Cremers and I live and work in Argentina at the Dutch Embassy. Hence like Prisca, whom I’ve known since primary school, I understand the challenges that come with working and living abroad. I applaud her for starting this organisation in Uganda and fully support the goal of Kale Uganda: providing free chiropractic care and health education to people who would otherwise not have access to this service. In the organization, I have the role of chair.

Susanne Heesen

My name is Susanne Heesen. I am a Dutch chiropractor and own a family practice in the south of The Netherlands. I have known Prisca for quite some time. I saw her progress from high school to chiropractic student to becoming a wonderfully skilled chiropractor. When she left to go practice in Uganda and be a chiropractic volunteer, we were all very proud of her. Since then she has made some huge steps. I was honored when she asked me to be part of the board of Kale Uganda as secretary. I think the work the organization does with the patients in the villages, running health classes and furthering the health education of the people in Uganda is great and very important.

Lotte Horselenberg

My name is Lotte Horselenberg and I am a chiropractor. This is also how I met Prisca, we lived together through university. I now work as an associate and own a private practice in The Netherlands. When Prisca asked me to be a part of the organization, I didn’t have to think long about the answer. What Kale Uganda does and how they work is something I can only admire and I feel privileged to be a part of that. My function in the organization is treasurer.

Angelo Edrine Wasike

Angelo is the Ugandan director of Kale Uganda. He started the organization from a passion to give back to his community and help people who struggled in different ways. The initial focus being on microfinance quickly branching out with business education and support. In 2019 he started working with Prisca to fill the gap of the need for better natural health care and health education.

Prisca Rompen

In the beginning of 2018, I moved to Uganda to provide chiropractic care for the community. Dutch by origin but I fell in love with Uganda and the people. This made me want to give back in a more structured and sustainable way. Starting the chiropractic projects has made in impact on hundreds of people through education, health care and disease prevention. I feel blessed to dedicate my work to connecting people and supporting their health from the inside out. My main focus is towards pregnant care and children but everyone can benefit from improved alignment and knowledge to make better decisions for themselves and their loved ones.